Sanctioned for support to:


  • IRGC
  • Supplying weapons to Assad

De-listing schedule:

US: October 19, 2015


Iran Air


Iran Air is Iran's national carrier.  It has been designated for shipping IRGC personnel and supplies around the region, including for flying weapons to support Bashar al Assad.  the U.S. Treasury Department reports that IRGC officers sometimes take over Iran Air flights with sensitive cargo, and that Iran Air has brought materials needed for advanced conventional weapons back to Iran.


"Iran Air has provided support and services to MODAFL and the IRGC through the transport and/or transfer of goods for, or on behalf of, these entities. On numerous occasions since 2000, Iran Air shipped military-related electronic parts and mechanical equipment on behalf of MODAFL.


...Iran Air has shipped military-related equipment on behalf of the IRGC since 2006, and in September and November 2008, Iran Air shipped aircraft-related raw materials to a MODAFL-associated company, including titanium sheets, which have dual-use military applications and can be used in support of advanced weapons programs.


Rockets or missiles have been transported via Iran Air passenger aircraft, and IRGC officers occasionally take control over Iran Air flights carrying special IRGC-related cargo. The IRGC is also known to disguise and manifest such shipments as medicine and generic spare parts, and IRGC officers have discouraged Iran Air pilots from inspecting potentially dangerous IRGC-related cargo being carried aboard a commercial Iran Air aircraft, including to Syria.


Additionally, commercial Iran Air flights have also been used to transport missile or rocket components to Syria."--Treasury Department Factsheet, June 23, 2011.


"Two Boeing 747 aircraft specifically mentioned in the intelligence report as being involved in Syria arms transfers - an Iran Air plane with the tail number EP-ICD and Mahan Air's EP-MNE - were among 117 aircraft hit with sanctions on Wednesday by the U.S. Treasury Department.


The Treasury Department also blacklisted aircraft operated by Iran's Yas Air for supplying Syria with weapons. A U.N. panel of experts that monitors compliance with U.N. sanctions against Iran has repeatedly named Yas Air, along with Iran Air, as a supplier of arms to Syria."--Louis Charbonneau, "Exclusive:  Western Report - Iran Ships Arms, Personnel to Syria via Iraq," Reuters, September 19, 2012.